Maine Security License

Maine Security License

In Maine, authorized security agency workers do not need a license. The process is in the hands of a company. Directors decide the eligibility norms. They also set qualification standards on their own.

This guide is to introduce you to all pivotal moments. You will learn how to handle them little by little.

Basic Requirements

Every officer starts the journey by complying with some norms. They pertain to:

  • Being at least 18 or 21 years of age
  • Having alien registration or citizenship (US)
  • Being of good moral character and in excellent physical condition
  • Driver’s license

Professional Training

Each business has its own requirements connected with training. In general, it is an eight-hour course. It touches on legal aspects, detention, and arrest. Equally important are defensive techniques and methods. Some of them lack report writing and software skills, too.

As a rule, armed guards need more instruction. They have a wider scope of responsibilities. It is necessary for carrying firearms. They keep the loaded weapon in a service car.

You may conclude that taking field classes from other trainers is killing time. Indeed, why spend so much energy on things you can do otherwise.

While you may think so, another one could be interested in it. It has many advantages. For example, there are more job opportunities. Consequently, higher positions, too.

Background Check and Fingerprinting

All employees must pass a background investigation. In addition, it is mandatory within 60 days of employment. Just submit your fingermarks and wait for the results. Then, sign a statement for conducted investigation.

In the end, many personal details become visible. They greatly affect the outcome. So, a candidate must not have:

  • Penal convictions (last 60 months
  • Acts of fraud
  • Hide from the law
  • Mental disturbance (imbalance)
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Substance abuse (weed) user

Applying for the Permit

As shown above, employers are in charge of the procedure. Thus, commissioners provide proper application forms. Be attentive while filling in the paper. Do not leave out any essential data. Answer the questions correctly. Submit only official and relevant documents.

The fee is $400. Firstly, pay $100. $200 is after the issuance.

Note that collected records are confidential. So, no person has the right to share or distribute them. To clarify, they are not community proceedings. Only designated bodies request info. It, in fact, refers to licensee names and addresses.


Permits are valid for a calendar year. It is compulsory to renew them on time. The price is $200 (refundable upon denial). In case you refuse to keep it active, it will be revoked or suspended.


No authorization is subject to transfer by law.

Class “D” Crimes

  • Firstly, publishing false advertisements, letterhead, and circulars of “certified” bureaus
  • Secondly, acting as an authorized public servant
  • Thirdly, presenting untrue data or material omission in formal papers

Contact Information

45 Commerce Dr., Augusta
Mailing Address: House Station 164, Augusta, ME. 04333
Phone: (207) 624-7210
Fax: (207) 287-3424

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