Maine Nursing License

Maine Nursing License

In Maine, licensed nurses enjoy broader employment options and growth potential career wise. If you are interested in pursuing a career path in nursing, then you should obtain a Maine nursing license.

This guide will provide you with information on the licensing process, including the time it will take you to become a licensed nurse.

Is Maine a compact state for nursing?

Yes, the state of Maine is a member of the Nurse License Compact (NCL). This means that licensed nurses of another compact states can work as a nurse in Maine.

The time it takes to get a Maine nursing license

From the time of submitting the application, it will take you about eight or nine weeks to receive the nursing license.

From the start of the licensing journey, it will take you from one to three years to earn your degree. Then you will also need to wait some time to take and pass the exam, as well as file your application.

The time it takes to get a Maine nursing license by endorsement

If you want to apply by endorsement, it will take you a week or two to receive the license.

How do I become a registered nurse in Maine?

Get your degree

Future registered nurses must have a strong and reliable educational background. For this reason, the state of Maine requires applicants to enroll in a state approved nursing program.

In Maine, there are many good programs at both the associate and baccalaureate levels. Thus, you can choose whether you want an ADN or a BSN. In addition, you may also earn your Master’s degree (MSN) in the future providing that you already hold a BSN degree.

It is important to know that the admission process for these programs is highly competitive and there are not enough places for all applicants. Getting good grades might be a huge advantage to ensure your spot in the program.

The professional courses, in general, include introductory college courses like math, biology, chemistry and psychology.

Top nursing schools in Maine

  • Saint Joseph’s College of Maine (Standish, ME)
  • University of Southern Maine (Portland, ME)
  • University of Maine (Orono, ME)
  • Husson University (Bangor, ME)
  • University of New England (Biddeford, ME)
  • Eastern Maine Community College (Bangor, ME)
  • University of Maine at Fort Kent (Fort Kent, ME)
  • University of Maine at Augusta (Augusta, ME)These educational institutions help students to pursue a BSN or an ADN. Furthermore, they develop one’s research skills, theoretical knowledge, and offer a handful of developed topics to study.

Submit application

Candidates must apply to the Maine State Board of Nursing. Click here to start the application process. The license fee is $75.

Contact Information

Maine State Board of Nursing
161 Capitol St.
158 State House Station
Augusta, Maine , 04333-0158
Phone: (207) 287-1133
Fax: (207) 287-1149

Pass the licensing exam

In the long run, the next step is to take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Visit this page to register and schedule an exam.

The examination fee is $200 per attempt.

For the test, you will have six hours to answer questions, which cover the following main categories:

  • Safe and effective care environment
  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Psychosocial integrity
  • Physiological integrity
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