Maine Engineer License

Maine Engineer License

Want to become a certified engineer in the state of Maine? Before you see your name appear on the Maine professional engineer license lookup, you should correspond with some standards. To start a successful career it is essential to complete the proper licensing steps.

How do you become a certified engineer in Maine?

Step 1: Earning your degree

You should, first of all, attend and graduate from an engineering or engineering technology program. It must be approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The program musts include no less than four years. When you successfully complete the program, you will earn your Bachelor’s Degree, which is the first step of the long-awaited process.

Step 2: The Fundamentals of Engineering Examination

Taking and passing this exam is a must. It is administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). To take the exam, you can register here.

The exam contains 110 questions. You have six hours to finish it. That time also includes a tutorial and a break.

If you want to know what material the exam will be touching on, get acquainted with the following educational material here .

Step 3: Gain engineering experience

Gaining at least four years of progressive professional experience is a major requirement to be licensed as a professional engineer. To do so, you should work and operate under the supervision of a certified engineer who is much more experienced than you. After some time he is going to submit the engineering employment verification forms to the board.

Step 4: Apply

You can find information on the application process of the official website of the State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers.

Step 5: The Principles and Practice of Engineering examination

When your application is approved, you can take the PE exam. It is meant to test a professional’s competency.

Once you pass it, the confirmation of your license will be sent to you and you will become a certified engineer.

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Do all engineers need license in Maine?

Becoming a professional engineer is a personal choice. If you want to continue your education and specialize in your field, then you should aim for an engineering license. All states have their own regulations connected with licensing. In the state of Maine, not all engineers possess a license.

They practice engineering without it. However, a PE license may sometimes be a requirement for some engineers.

Having a professional engineer license could be beneficial. If you start the process earlier, you will have greater opportunities to succeed in your career. Professional engineers continuously maintain and improve their skills.

They complete continuing education, whereas others do not usually do. So, if you do not have a license, you cannot be considered as an “official” engineer.

Do mechanical engineers need PE licenses in Maine?

Mechanical engineering can generally be practiced without an engineering license. Nonetheless, If you are already a certified engineer, you can practice any discipline you want without having to get license for one particular discipline.

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