Maine Contractor License

Maine Contractor License

If you have decided to do construction work in Maine, you will need Maine Contractor License. Usually, the general contractor licenses are issued at the local level. In Maine, however, those who want to work as plumbers, electricians, handymen, etc. need to get a license at the state level.

In fact, as we have mentioned general contractors don’t need to pass a state licensure process. However, both general contractors and specialty contractors need to register their business. All the contractors need as well to get liability insurance. The liability insurance is good for both the client and the contractor. It is a kind of insurance that they will cooperate and work till the end.

Maine state requires contractors to have a written contract for all house building and home renovation projects which total cost is more than $3,000. In this case, the contractors can only get one-third of the total amount before they start the project.

General Requirements

Whenever you decide to start your career as a contractor in Mine, the first thing will be to determine the total cost of your work. In fact, this criteria works for mainly all the U.S states.

Everyone whose works costs more than 3000 dollars should apply for licensure in Maine. This includes all the contracting work such as plumbing, electricity, general repair, etc.

General Contractors have to pass a little different process as their license is issued at the state level. That means that their county has its own requirements and laws.

However, some criteria are of course the same for all the contractors:

  • First of all, you will need to provide the application form which is completely filled out
  • Secondly, you will need to show the documents that you have registered your business or provide the documents from your current workplace
  • Plumbers, electricians,  and generally all the specialty contractors will need to show their licensure exam results
  • Finally, to submit all these steps you will need to pay the required amount.

You will have to get an insurance certificate as well if you want to work without any risks.

Maine General Contractor License

As you know, Maine doesn’t require you to get a license from the state. However, if you want your company to grow bigger and earn more you can apply for a state-level general contractor license.

The requirements, of course, are set by your local office and you need to check if it is convenient for you.

Maine Electrician License

As we have mentioned above some professionals need to get a state-level license in order to work legally and without cost limits. In case you want to work as an electrician, you will need to choose what type of electrician you want to be. So here are the main electrician subgroups you can apply for:

  • You can choose to be a master electrician to conduct all the works you want
  • If you don’t need to conduct all the electrical work you can just apply for a limited electrician license
  • And whenever you decide on the specialized type of work you can be a journeyman electrician or apprentice electrician
  • If you are not ready yet to conduct work only by yourself and need some practice you can apply for an electrician assistant license or journeyman assistant license

All these licensure processes enable you to work as an electrician, however, they need different levels of experience and education.

When you are ready to apply for Maine Electrician License you can either apply online or visit the Maine Electricians’ Examining Board.

Maine Plumber License

If you’re a plumber and need to work legally in Maine, you will need to apply and get one of the plumbers’ licenses in Maine.

Maine offers you the following types of plumber licenses։

  • If you meet both educational and experience requirements of Maine state you can get the master plumber license or apply for the journeyman plumber license
  • You can choose to get a trainee plumber license or journeyman-in-training plumber license

Each license, such as that of an electrician, comes with its own set of responsibilities and requirements. So you need to check it with your county as well.

Maine Contractor License Fees

Every type of Maine Contractor License, no matter it is an electrician, plumber, roofing, will cost $45 to fill out the single application form. Even if you have decided to apply for several types of contractor licenses at the same time you will not need to pay any extra fees.

The licensure fee is annual, that is every year after you get the license you will have to pay $45.

Contractor License Renewal in Maine

In Maine, you need to renew your license every year. You don’t need to worry to remember the expiration date. You will get a notification whenever your license expiration day is near. After you get the notification, you will need to provide your Maine ID and business registration documents. Of course, you will also need to pay the renewal fee.

The fee varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The average amount, however. is $45.

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